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Adodo Délali Robinson of Délali Robinson Cosmetics

Adodo Délali Robinson is an internationally certified beauty professions who has received certification in hair extensions in Germany and advanced Makeup Artistry in Jamaica. A licensed cosmetologist since 2008 she recently opened her own full serviced salon in Chicago 2012. Since then Adodo worked some of the industry best like World renowned Sandro Miller,has been featured in The Midwest Hair magazine, The Limitless Look magazine, Black Fashion Week Chicago, Anjel's Boutique and the featured stylist and makeup artist in a full magazine shoot as well as Hair and Makeup for TV appearances. As an Educator Adodo now holds classes and workshops through out Illinois.

What do you do and why do you do it? 
I am a licensed cosmetologist running multiple businesses and an Annual Prom Dress Giveaway. My salon is located in Matteson,IL where we offer a wide range of services from Hair relaxer to Makeup. I recently launch my line of foundation and lipsticks call Délali Robinson Cosmetics. I do it all because I love taking care of my clients beauty needs and love educating our youth about the importance of self care and self love.

How does what you do benefit others? 
I hope that by showing my clients and our teens that they are worth being pampered in a relaxing, clean and professional salon set a standard for future decisions. My salon gives back to the community through different venues one being our Annual Prom Dress Giveaway.

Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now.
 I started braiding my family’s hair in my Teen years due to lack of salons offering services to African women in Germany from there I knew I wanted to do something in the beauty industry. I actually went to school to be a designer, learning to create pattern and sew them lol but my desire for hair took over and now am here!
What are your goals? 
My goals are to expand my salon to multiple locations here and overseas as well as growing my make line.

What are your inspirations? 
I have several but the top one is to be able to create a place where our youth can shine in whatever they set their mind to do. I would love to have a space to teach our teens the traits of Hair and beauty as an alternative to college.

If you could have one superpower to help you further your purpose, what would it be and why?  
The power to help people see their true self and the gift they possess.