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Are You In the Now?

Before reading this publication, you must understand two things: that heroes are among us and that they don't all wear capes or super suits. While we love the action-packed blockbusters that showcase people with crazy powers and otherworldly alien finesse, and we believe that there's some truth to those fantasies as well, we see the need for society to recognize the everyday heroes that are hiding in plain sight. They are Icons and should very well be praised as such. Saving lives, Changing the World, Creating an Impact, and all with a deep backstory. All of these are characteristics of a good superhero. We're here to expose their origins, the Icons.  Are You In the Now? All editorial inquiries All sponsored content/advertising inquiries Follow us on Facebook @iconsinthenow Follow our Parent Company on Instagram @caycomcreate This publication is owned by the Calynn Communications & Creative corporatio
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National Pageant Queen, Humanitarian & Counselor: Dr. Queen Raquel LaCour-Marsh

What do you do and why do you do it? Queen Mrs. USA America Nation 2023, Dr. Raquel LaCour-Marsh, works as an advocate with The BedRock Movement.  She does this because she was once a victim of domestic violence, and she had to deal with her situation until she could flee her abuser. From this traumatic relationship, she isolated herself from her children to make sure they didn’t see domestic violence and it took her time to heal from the ordeal. Dr. Raquel protected her children from not having them exposed and as a result she couldn’t fight for custody of her youngest daughter, because her ex-husband could provide a stable home with financial stability. How does what you do benefit others? Queen USA counseling other women as an advocate with The BedRock Movement, helps other women to know that you can overcome domestic violence that often leads to substance abuse. Queen Raquel counseling gives women a safe and confidential space to discuss their feelings and allows women to know they

World Pageant Queen, Entertainer, and Advocate: Angel Her

Angel Her from Manitowoc, WI is a class act superstar in her modeling, community service and anti-bullying and anti-domestic violence advocacy as Miss America Nation 2023, formerly Miss Hmong USA America Nation 2022. At only 14 years old, she is a global queen at the Miss & Mr America Nation Pageant organization founded by the owner and CEO Dr. Krystal Okeke Chanchangi. In addition to this, she is currently in 9th grade at Lincoln High School, a supporter of the local DVC InCourge, and an ambassador for Shop Phoenix Glam. What do you do and why do you do it? Angel loves being a pageant queen through Miss & Mr America Nation pageant organization founded by the CEO Dr. Krystal Okeke Chanchangi. It’s allowed her to be able to make a stronger impact for causes she’s passionate about, such as being an advocate for the local DVC InCourage and for anti-bullying, because there needs to be more awareness in the world for those women and children who need their assistance. It’s a state f

Humanitarian, Nollywood Star and Businesswoman: Dr. Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi

    According to Dr. Krystal, establishing all of her brands(Kids Multicultural World LLC, America Nation Multicultural World inc., Africa Multicultural World Foundation and Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant) are her greatest accomplishments! Being alive and being able to govern and influence global cultural movements by establishing and leading America Kids Multicultural World organization on a yearly bases with 571 + kids per year is a big achievement for her. Dr. Krystal has continuously empowered & assisted multiple underprivileged societies both in the USA and Africa through her nonprofit organizations. She is also a Nollywood actress and celebrity on the rise, having already starred in 5 films.   What do you do and why do you do it?   Giving Kids & People a voice and platform is what I know how to do best! Making people shine the brightest while uniting a diverse nation of culture globally through my Kids Multicultural World Organization

Humanitarian, Businesswoman & Survivor : Azia Hernandez

  What do you do and why do you do it?  At the core of what I do, whether it’s my lingerie line or being Miss Massachusetts, I aim to spread love and positivity because I feel like the world deserves more of it.  I try  to promote a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. I like to lead by example but not editing my photos on Instagram aside of brightening the colors from time to time. I am a pageant girl so I do have perfeshila photos taken of me all glamed up, with professional lighting, and airbrushing done and am transparent about that. I like my followers to know that at the core I am just a normal everyday girl who likes to spend days in altheasur and cozy hoodies but on occasion I like to get blamed up for fun. Getting blamed up for me is just an exciting fun expressing, like dress up for big girls by by no mean am I that doll face with perfect living all the time. I show in my instagram stories that most days I am wearing practical close with minimal hair and make up as it is pr

National Queen & Cancer Survivor: Miriam Smith Wilson

Miriam, Ms. Forever Fresh Face USA 2021 is a mother and grandmother who is very active in her service to others. She had a career in delivery services and customer relations for almost three decades prior to her recent retirement to focus on her family. She loves writing, reading, creating things and being with loved ones. Her pageant platform is advocating for better resources for those suffering from chronic illnesses. Her granddaughter Jenesis is the Junior Miss Fresh Face 2021 and is passionate about the arts and being a good supporter to her community and family.  What do you do and why do you do it? I am currently fulfilling my reign as Ms. Forever Fresh Face USA 2021, organizing my annual Gastroparesis walk in honor of my late daughter, Mekia. I love to empower people and uplift them when they are suffering. This is very important because when people are hurting, regardless of if they are a custodian or a CEO, they all are entitled to being consoled and comforted. I truly believ

International Pageant Queen and ABA Therapist : Michaela Austin

What do you do and why do you do it?  I work with children who happen to be on the spectrum. These kiddos many times can have developmental and/or intellectual delays. I actually started working in this field because I am the mother of a child with Autism. I experienced so many hurdles attempting to get a conclusive diagnosis and treatment for my son that I decided to be the change that I wanted to see.  How does what you do benefit others?   Everyday I have the opportunity to not only see the difference Applied Behavior Analysis has on my clients but I see the data that clearly shows the impact I make. Its rewarding.  Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now.  My undergraduate degree was in Sociology/Psychology and then I went on to receive numerous certifications from the Illinois State Board of Education Certifications in: Autism, Social Narratives, Atypical DEVELOPMENT, Visual Supports for Social Emotional Learning and Tips & Tools for Homes & SC

National Queen & Legal Reform Advocate: Julianna Andrasi

  Julianna Andrasi is the reigning Miss Fresh Face USA 2021. She is currently working toward completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She lives in Michigan where she works as a corrections officer in a county jail. She is enthusiastic about raising awareness about many issues such as mental health and the protection of the environment. However, she is most passionate about teaching others about wrongful convictions in the United States. In May of 2021, she published her first book, “Convict or Convenient,” which sheds light on America’s justice system and explains how innocent individuals become incarcerated so easily. Aside from being a new author, Julianna also expresses her creativity through her artwork. In her free time, she can be found painting, sketching, or experimenting with whatever new craft has caught her attention for the week. Julianna discovered her love of helping people when she was young. As a teenager, she started volunteering at a local retirement home

Miss Abilities Founder & World Title Holder: Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren is the Founder and CEO of The Miss Abilities Organization, the reigning Ms. Elite Fresh Face Universal 2021 and a Dove Self Esteem Ambassador! What do you do and why do you do it? Jessica is a 300 hour certified yoga instructor, certified henna artist, published illustrator, office manager for a painting company, and professional artist with works on display in VA, WV, and MD. Jessica is the founder of Miss Abilities Organization, a program that creates accessible pageants and community involvement opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Everything she does, she does with an altruistic heart in the hopes of making the world a better place! How does what you do benefit others? Jessica’s platform is The Dove Self Esteem Project where she teaches workshops to help young people overcome body image issues and fulfill their potential by building positive body confidence and self-esteem. By working with young people, as well as their teachers, mentors and parents, sh

Runway Model & Matriarch: Lena H.

  What do you do and why do you do it? I am the Director of Opportunities for House of Chuck Magazine Inc., owned and founded by the most talented and visionary, Mr. Chuck Pfoutz.    My role is to branch networks, collaborate different firms and teams, and open platform to aspiring talents in the modeling and entertainment industry.    House of Chuck Magazine Inc creates series of stories that is brought to life through commercials and fashion shows featuring incredible artists, designers, models, actors, and photographers. Being a petite, over-40s, and non-slim runway model in this new diverse fashion industry opened up so many opportunities beyond my day job, enlightening the possibilities, and understanding my capabilities, which captivated dreams of so many and lavishly turned them to reality.    I am a part of these family- oriented and diversified organizations that I am so much grateful for, being accepted and respected for who I am:   House of Chuck Magazine Inc. United Togethe

Teen Activist & Artist: Destiny Faith

Destiny, Miss Teen Fresh Face America 2021 is an aspiring teen model who has a love for animals and serving her community.  Destiny is a high school student active in FFA and JROTC.  She participates in community service projects through both of those, thru her various pageantry opportunities and on her own.  Destiny is a sexual assault survivor and witnessed domestic violence at it's worst. She strives to continually bring awareness and let others know they are not alone.   What do you do and why do you do it?  My mom started me in pageants not long after my coming forward about being sexually assaulted.  I lost alot of self confidence and my mom wanted me to find it again.  After the first couple I realized how much I enjoyed it and strove to become better.  I love how on the other side of pageants there's community service involved.  I love to help others and give back, with pageants and my crowns it enhances who I can reach.   How does what you do benefit others?   Humanita