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"Chicago Talent" Reality Series Review + Notes From The Executive Producer

"Chicago Talent" is an increasingly popular online web series that spotlights local Chicagoland talent and entrepreneurship. It was started by the nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project to expand its content have a continued storyline that consistently followed a certain group of people, aside form their normal stand-alone interviews. It's nominated for a 2019 Chicago Oscar for "Best Web Series." Having gained over 80,000 viewers online within its first two seasons, it already has an impressive following after less than a year! The series is reality style and shows the cast in their natural habitats working, creating art, and doing what they do best. It also includes sit down interviews with each cast member to get to know them personally on a deeper level. The entire concept is very unique to its market and is a great source for local talent to gain exposure, as well as insight into the lives of other creatives and business-minded individuals. We h

Jaine Lopez, CEO of Y L C T Foundation and Miss Planetary!

Icons In The Now would like to highlight the Chicagoland Pageant hero, Jaine Lopez. She is a phenomenal entrepreneur, businesswoman and philanthropist who has been creating opportunities in the area for several disadvantaged groups of people to receive love in various forms of charity, community service and mentorship! She has had a successful career in corporate America for many years, yet decided that it wasn't enough. Thus, she got into the nonprofit work. Her biography is moving!  "In March of 2014, Jaine founded her first entertainment company,  "Your Life Concert Time", into  a wonderful Foundation and  Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 , which sponsors the annual,  "Miss Planetary Scholarship Pageant"   in 2019 one a huge scale at the Daley Plaza in Downtown Chicago. YOUR LIVE CONCERT TIME is all about raising awareness on Social and Environmental Issues through our charity events and initiatives. The Miss Planetary Scholarship Pageant  will soon b