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World Pageant Queen, Entertainer, and Advocate: Angel Her

Angel Her from Manitowoc, WI is a class act superstar in her modeling, community service and anti-bullying and anti-domestic violence advocacy as Miss America Nation 2023, formerly Miss Hmong USA America Nation 2022. At only 14 years old, she is a global queen at the Miss & Mr America Nation Pageant organization founded by the owner and CEO Dr. Krystal Okeke Chanchangi. In addition to this, she is currently in 9th grade at Lincoln High School, a supporter of the local DVC InCourge, and an ambassador for Shop Phoenix Glam. What do you do and why do you do it? Angel loves being a pageant queen through Miss & Mr America Nation pageant organization founded by the CEO Dr. Krystal Okeke Chanchangi. It’s allowed her to be able to make a stronger impact for causes she’s passionate about, such as being an advocate for the local DVC InCourage and for anti-bullying, because there needs to be more awareness in the world for those women and children who need their assistance. It’s a state f