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Icon On Fire: The Real World Supergirl

She's broken several records in the length of her career, made history quite a few times and has managed to help a myriad of people while doing it. Having been the topic of tens of news headlines, being called "the Queen Midas of Creative Community Service," "the  cosmic fusion between the Billionaire Diaries and  Princess Diaries," "one of the Greatest Minds in Public Relations," "Supergirl" and many more, she is a constant topic of conversation. After all, it isn't often that you meet a 23-year-old who's the Founder of a nonprofit movement that has assisted well over 100 small businesses and artists, the Executive Producer-Creator of a successful reality series that has gained nearly 100,000 viewers in less than a year, and has won seven national awards for her work. Who is she? She's a Chicago-native named Calynn M. Lawrence, and she's our very first Icon on Fire . She will be the subject of a documentary we will be releasi

Bree K, Deaf Culture Merger

Bree K. Jones is a Deaf Culture Merger, one of the Creators of I Hear You, and Biola University Psychology graduate. Understanding the challenges that are before the Deaf community, Bree’s mission is to merge both the hearing and the Deaf communities together by breaking down stereotypes and easing social anxieties between both worlds through media.  Bree received the Encouragement Award from Black Women Rock Nationally Women’s Organization for her work, as well as a Certificate of Recognition from Council Member Mike Gipson of the 64th District for raising awareness of the importance of sign communications for the Deaf community.  Bree has interviewed on several empowering radio shows, sharing her expertise.  She has also been featured in the HuffPost, PopSugar, Ai-Media, Voyage LA, Deaf Boss,  the RiRi Show, and other media outlets.  What do you do and why? I am A Deaf Culture Merger. As a Deaf Culture Merger, I educate the hearing community about the Deaf community; about