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Shawnna: Animal Enthusiast & Content Creator

  Shining and strutting the runway since the teens, Shawnna became an inspired individual with many influential leaders who truly helped guide her way to finding her true passion early in life. Building the foundation to which an exclusive animal breeder may need takes time, Shawnna invites everyone to join her and her fiance on their journey to success by subscribing to their Youtube Channel: Gypsy XOTIC Pets and by following the Facebook discussion group: Urban Reptile Owners What do you do and why do you do it? I am an exotic animal specialist and consultant; and through my Gypsy XOTIC Pets Youtube vlog, offering helpful services, and my very own magazine I plan to educate to instill the knowledge and confidence one will need when buying their first exotic pet! How does what you do benefit others?   I struggle with depression and anxiety, from childhood years I felt more "at home" when an animal was living with me. As living testimony, my 21 animals are significantly help

Titans of Tomorrow: #BlackBusinessesMatter The Second Wave

  Image Credit Titans of Tomorrow focuses on spotlighting the underprivileged and underrepresented talents, the entrepreneurs and the greats of minority communities and marginalized groups. Last month, we published one of our more popular article highlighting several black-owned businesses in the wake of this highly tense and discriminatory time. That was Titans of Tomorrow: #BlackBusinessesMatter The First Wave  . This is the Second Wave.  KIANA SMITH "My name is Kiana Smith and I am the owner/operator of Yemaya’s Yummies. Both black and woman-owned food service business who plans to use our profit to open a school of financial literacy for children and adults alike. My why? I know what it is like to not have the best credit as an adult. As a child, I was not taught all of the principles of financial literacy, therefore part of my goal/purpose in life is to teach the next generation everything that I had to learn on my own." Instagram LA'SONYA ALEXANDER Founder and CEO o