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Titans of Tomorrow: #BlackBusinessesMatter The Second Wave


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Titans of Tomorrow focuses on spotlighting the underprivileged and underrepresented talents, the entrepreneurs and the greats of minority communities and marginalized groups. Last month, we published one of our more popular article highlighting several black-owned businesses in the wake of this highly tense and discriminatory time. That was Titans of Tomorrow: #BlackBusinessesMatter The First Wave . This is the Second Wave. 


"My name is Kiana Smith and I am the owner/operator of Yemaya’s Yummies. Both black and woman-owned food service business who plans to use our profit to open a school of financial literacy for children and adults alike. My why? I know what it is like to not have the best credit as an adult. As a child, I was not taught all of the principles of financial literacy, therefore part of my goal/purpose in life is to teach the next generation everything that I had to learn on my own."


Founder and CEO of MomsCanDoIt2, La'Sonya Alexander, is an award-winning pageant queen holding multiple titles in the CCP Organization, the American Elegance system and the All World Beauties System! On top of this, she is a mother of seven children, 6 sons and 1 daughter, as well as being a very active community service volunteer, and actress having appeared on "Empire", "Chicago Talent" and more! Philanthropy is near and dear to her heart, as not only a woman of generosity but a woman of EXCELLENCE!


Benjamin is an award-winning model, Autism Ambassador and host of the YouTube series, Sneaker Jamz. He likes to network with other budding entrepreneurs to help spread awareness that people with "disabilities" can still be successful in pursuing their dream. He has been an active member of the Chicago media and arts scene for years and has a true passion for entertainment.


Giavonni Jenkins is a curvy, multi-award-winning model, brand ambassador and actress. As seen on the Steve Harvey Talk Show & VH1’s reality TV show “Black Ink Crew Chicago". She has been modeling for several years now and flourishing. She is a curvaceous, petite, plus size model that advocates in erasing negative stigmas regarding curvy women while encouraging body positivity for ALL women!


Travon C. Printis is an award-winning photographer and videographer. With many years of experience, and a diversified education including four diplomas from Depaul University, he is very skilled in his craft. As CEO of the Global Connection Media company, a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, he is following his dream to provide the best in video and digital marketing content for new clients and growing business to develop their personal brand and social media following as a Covid-19-Free company!


Nadia Simone is the host and Founder of theNSiderTv, a well respected and credible media outlet who’s purpose is to represent and showcase Chicago entrepreneurs, entertainers, a variety of small businesses, activists, etc in a professional and positive light.  theNSider’s host and creator, Nadia Simone, has 9+ years of experience in media and broadcast journalism. Nadia created theNSider with the intention of uplifting others spirits through personal stories, interviews and show a side of Chicago we rarely see. In her own words “I wanted to create a platform for the people of Chicago to showcase their work, talents, skills, concerns, something fun, something we need more of!"


Arella Swan is a Fashion Blogger, Social Media Manager and Influencer. A Chicago Native, Miss Swan has always loved playing dress-up, and learning and studying all the new trends and colors for each season. She also enjoyed styling family and friends for various occasions. After getting a degree in Communications and not landing that dream job, Arella decided to create it herself! This is where SweetHeartSwan was born! Fusing the love for writing and all things fashion. SweetHeartSwan covers affordable and accessible looks in fashion. Also, Tips on how to create amazing looks on a budget, Event Coverage and some of Arella’s favorite places and things! In addition, Miss Swan uses her gift of Social Media to help others achieve their goals in their businesses by starting up and maintain several small business social media pages!


TEANEVA (ta-nay-va) is a contemporary Pop/R&B sister duo who wrote and recorded their 1st EP in 2018, found on SoundCloud. TEANEVA’s EP leading single “Itz Cool” received airplay on Chicago’s WRCX 88.1 FM radio.  Tea 16, bringing her smooth runs, and Eva 14, bringing her slamming 4-octave range on bars, TEANEVA has proven to be electrifying both on and off stage. Both sisters attend Performing Arts high schools as vocalists. TEANEVA has encompassed performances at the Chicago Bulls halftime, BMO Harris Bradley Center, National Anthems, and countless talent shows. They were Season 2 stars of the show, "Chicago Talent" as well!

This is far from the end of our #BlackBusinessesMatter series. Titans of Tomorrow looks forward to showcasing as many black entrepreneurs and creatives as we can. With the CEO of our Parent Company, Calynn Communications & Creative Inc., being a black woman, we take it very seriously that we contribute to more representation and exposure of minority-owned businesses! Stay tuned to Icons In The Now for the latest news articles and interviews on up-and-coming modern-day superheroes you show know.