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Shawnna: Animal Enthusiast & Content Creator


Shining and strutting the runway since the teens, Shawnna became an inspired individual with many influential leaders who truly helped guide her way to finding her true passion early in life. Building the foundation to which an exclusive animal breeder may need takes time, Shawnna invites everyone to join her and her fiance on their journey to success by subscribing to their Youtube Channel: Gypsy XOTIC Pets and by following the Facebook discussion group: Urban Reptile Owners

What do you do and why do you do it?

I am an exotic animal specialist and consultant; and through my Gypsy XOTIC Pets Youtube vlog, offering helpful services, and my very own magazine I plan to educate to instill the knowledge and confidence one will need when buying their first exotic pet!

How does what you do benefit others?  

I struggle with depression and anxiety, from childhood years I felt more "at home" when an animal was living with me. As living testimony, my 21 animals are significantly helping me by giving me back the confidence I used to have; so many of my dreams are more insight because of my animals.

Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now.

At the young age of 16, I started working and volunteering in the fashion and pageant industry, and I felt what it was like to achieve my wildest dreams: how could I ever let go of that? So for a while, I was in the grey space trying to incorporate my love for art and animals together. The perfect idea came to me and that was to become an animal breeder! 

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

By becoming an animal breeder I also become my own boss and a scientist! With my company, I can sell my art and my selectively bred reptile babies. In five years I see my company having a beautifully stocked table at many of the exotic animal expos, I see myself as a prominent public figure for this community, someone who has the following to produce her very own exotic animal expo! 

If you could have one superpower to help you further your purpose, what would it be and why? How would you use it? 

The ability to read minds; as an animal person I found myself really wishing I could talk to them and see how they're doing; but also, who wouldn't want to know what so many critics in this community think rather than what they say?!