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Are You In the Now?

Before reading this publication, you must understand two things: that heroes are among us and that they don't all wear capes or super suits. While we love the action-packed blockbusters that showcase people with crazy powers and otherworldly alien finesse, and we believe that there's some truth to those fantasies as well, we see the need for society to recognize the everyday heroes that are hiding in plain sight. They are Icons and should very well be praised as such. Saving lives, Changing the World, Creating an Impact, and all with a deep backstory. All of these are characteristics of a good superhero. We're here to expose their origins, the Icons.  Are You In the Now? All editorial inquiries All sponsored content/advertising inquiries Follow us on Facebook @iconsinthenow Follow our Parent Company on Instagram @caycomcreate This publication is owned by the Calynn Communications & Creative corporatio