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National Pageant Queen, Humanitarian & Counselor: Dr. Queen Raquel LaCour-Marsh

What do you do and why do you do it? Queen Mrs. USA America Nation 2023, Dr. Raquel LaCour-Marsh, works as an advocate with The BedRock Movement.  She does this because she was once a victim of domestic violence, and she had to deal with her situation until she could flee her abuser. From this traumatic relationship, she isolated herself from her children to make sure they didn’t see domestic violence and it took her time to heal from the ordeal. Dr. Raquel protected her children from not having them exposed and as a result she couldn’t fight for custody of her youngest daughter, because her ex-husband could provide a stable home with financial stability. How does what you do benefit others? Queen USA counseling other women as an advocate with The BedRock Movement, helps other women to know that you can overcome domestic violence that often leads to substance abuse. Queen Raquel counseling gives women a safe and confidential space to discuss their feelings and allows women to know they