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Humanitarian, Businesswoman & Survivor : Azia Hernandez

  What do you do and why do you do it?  At the core of what I do, whether it’s my lingerie line or being Miss Massachusetts, I aim to spread love and positivity because I feel like the world deserves more of it.  I try  to promote a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. I like to lead by example but not editing my photos on Instagram aside of brightening the colors from time to time. I am a pageant girl so I do have perfeshila photos taken of me all glamed up, with professional lighting, and airbrushing done and am transparent about that. I like my followers to know that at the core I am just a normal everyday girl who likes to spend days in altheasur and cozy hoodies but on occasion I like to get blamed up for fun. Getting blamed up for me is just an exciting fun expressing, like dress up for big girls by by no mean am I that doll face with perfect living all the time. I show in my instagram stories that most days I am wearing practical close with minimal hair and make up as it is pr