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Humanitarian, Nollywood Star and Businesswoman: Dr. Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi

    According to Dr. Krystal, establishing all of her brands(Kids Multicultural World LLC, America Nation Multicultural World inc., Africa Multicultural World Foundation and Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant) are her greatest accomplishments! Being alive and being able to govern and influence global cultural movements by establishing and leading America Kids Multicultural World organization on a yearly bases with 571 + kids per year is a big achievement for her. Dr. Krystal has continuously empowered & assisted multiple underprivileged societies both in the USA and Africa through her nonprofit organizations. She is also a Nollywood actress and celebrity on the rise, having already starred in 5 films.   What do you do and why do you do it?   Giving Kids & People a voice and platform is what I know how to do best! Making people shine the brightest while uniting a diverse nation of culture globally through my Kids Multicultural World Organization