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Humanitarian, Nollywood Star and Businesswoman: Dr. Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi



According to Dr. Krystal, establishing all of her brands(Kids Multicultural World LLC, America Nation Multicultural World inc., Africa Multicultural World Foundation and Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant) are her greatest accomplishments! Being alive and being able to govern and influence global cultural movements by establishing and leading America Kids Multicultural World organization on a yearly bases with 571 + kids per year is a big achievement for her. Dr. Krystal has continuously empowered & assisted multiple underprivileged societies both in the USA and Africa through her nonprofit organizations. She is also a Nollywood actress and celebrity on the rise, having already starred in 5 films.


What do you do and why do you do it?


Giving Kids & People a voice and platform is what I know how to do best! Making people shine the brightest while uniting a diverse nation of culture globally through

my Kids Multicultural World Organization is my passion. We have raised awareness and continue to empower the next generation, working tirelessly to end bullying, discrimination and hate crime.

Using Miss & Mr. America Nation to empower women and kids to be community activists worldwide and my nonprofits to focus on welfare, food and security, aiding under-resourced people through providing food, clothing and education is so fulfilling! Helping the homeless and underprivileged community is a cause close to my heart that I’ve been doing since childhood. Furthermore, uniting a diverse nation is a movement that we are very passionate about coming from a distinctive cultural background as a Nigerian American. We have seen how misinformation encourages segregation and we want to help change this, breaking hatred between people of different backgrounds worldwide.



How does what you do benefit others?  


Our brand has created and enhanced thousands of people’s platforms and businesses, continually setting up young kids for success. We mentor moms and their kids to be activists and role models through pageantry, community service and MBM programs. 

In 2022 , I had 45 ambassadors aged 10 months to 70 years old for Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant working toward a better mankind. I structured all my brands to trust kids and adults to their divine interest, career and advancement into modeling , acting and leadership positions. 


Helping the homeless/underprivileged society is a cause near to my heart, starting from from a very young age. Furthermore, uniting a diverse nation is a movement that I’m very passionate about coming from a distinctive cultural background. My goal is to break causes and hatred between kids / adults of interracial background globally. 

Every holiday, America Nation Multicultural World inc and Africa Multicultural World foundation coordinates CHICAGO CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY giving out over 526 free Toys, Africa Multicultural World members and activist coordinated a free groceries for our Feed the Hungry missionary - giving out 721+ bags of groceries to families in West Africa regions. 

Las Vegas based ambassadors - Mr Multicultural King Braxton , Kleopatra Vargas, Ms. Tasha and Dr Krystal coordinated their annual feed the homeless events - also giving away free homemade meals & hygiene products during the Christmas season with the help of volunteers. 

The ambassadors in New Mexico - Mr Asia & Miss India America Nation (Aarush & Viha) coordinated food drives and Miss Texas America Nation (Amiyah) coordinated an event for the kids in the Dallas area giving out gift bags. 

Miss Toddler USA America Nation - Kleopatra Vargas was also able to drop off diapers to children’s hospitals in the Nevada area. Miss Hmong USA America Nation - Angel her coordinated an event in Wisconsin feeding the underprivileged community out there. We try our best as a team to impact globally.

Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now.


I’m best known for being the first Nigerian American to win the 2016 Ms. Illinois USA Universal title, placing in the top 3 at Miss USA Universal pageant. Previous to that, I competed in Miss Illinois USA two years in a row, and

National American Miss pageant. I’ve also been a judge at many National pageants including Miss Earth Illinois pageant , Miss Bollywood America and Miss Bikini pageants etc. 


After being involved in several pageants, I founded America Kids Multicultural World Organization kids culture & career focused LLC, Miss & Mr. America Nation, a pageant that defies typical pageant stereotypes - physical appearance , age, marital and motherhood status and gender.  The pageant mantra is beauty with inspiration, all ambassadors are trained to become global activists.  


I also wanted to help the underprivileged families & kids. So, I founded two nonprofit organizations. One established in the USA called : America Nation Multicutural World Inc & the other in West Africa called Africa Multicultural World foundation, which focuses on the global wellbeing of underprivileged people by providing relief and resources.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


Married, happy and successful impacting the world around me. 


Who is your favorite superhero and why? Do you relate to them? 


Jesus is my lord and my savior . Yes , I am very spiritual and connected to the universe. He’s the actual hero that gives me the strength to accomplish all my goals. 



If you could have one superpower to help you further your purpose, what would it be and why? How would you use it? 


Manufacturing more money just by snapping my fingers to add the communities in need globally. I would be investing & creating a lot of free after school programs for the next generation to stay educated , busy and creative.  

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