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10 Minutes With The One-Girl-Revolution Behind The "Catching Fire" Fresh Faces Project Awards!

On March 1st, 2020, The "Catching Fire" Fresh Faces Project Awards took place honoring over 40 small businesses and talents in the Chicagoland area! She also gave away gift cards in a free raffle for all participants! This was organized and hosted by the 24-year-old entrepreneur, Calynn M. Lawrence, also known as "Supergirl" or her pageant title "Miss World America Nation 2020." She is the Founder of the nonprofit movement, The Fresh Faces Project , and Executive Producer-Creator of the online reality series spotlighting locals, "Chicago Talent." Having been referred to in the press as "a Wonder Woman of her time ( Icons In The Now ) ," "The Queen Midas of Creative Community Service ( Humour & Style ) ," "One of The Greatest Minds In Creative ( A Valid Review )," "The Cosmic Fusion Between Billinoiare Diaries and Princess Diaries, destined to change the world  ( Billionaire's Diary ) ," "

MomsCanDoIt2 : For Moms, By Moms

MomsCanDoIt2 is a phenomenal organization that we here at Icons In The Now had to spotlight! We strongly believe in giving praise to local businesses that are creating change in their communities! That is why we had to spotlight this cause in this article. Founder and CEO, La'Sonya Alexander, is a pageant queen holding multiple titles in the CCP Organization, the American Elegance system and the All World Beauties System! On top of this, she is a mother of seven children, 6 sons and 1 daughter, as well as being a very active community service volunteer, and actress having appeared on "Empire" , "Chicago Talent" and more! Philanthropy is near and dear to her heart, as not only a woman of generosity but a woman of EXCELLENCE! MomsCanDoIt2 is a grassroots community organization that consistently implements time and effort to support and help single mothers in today's society. The vision is to construct, provide and deliver resources and opportunities fo

Cisco & Cisco Productions : Fashionably Fighting Cancer

Here at Icons In The Now , we love to spotlight people and causes that are doing great things in the community. Cisco & Cisco Productions is one of those organizations that we felt deserved some shine! So, we are publishing some information on them and are encouraging you all to check them out and support! In short, they are a nonprofit, cancer awareness initiative that uses fashion and beauty to create fun and effective means for community service and raising awareness. Some of their ambassadors include, La'Sonya Alexander (CEO of MomsCanDoIt2 ) and Tami Pinsker! ABOUT THEM  "Founded in 2010 by Yvonne Hipps-Cisco, Cisco & Cisco Productions brings resources not commonly accessible or known to at-risk communities on breast cancer and health-related issues. Combining non-traditional events such as theater productions and empowerment activities, Cisco & Cisco Productions, is able to reach communities that otherwise may be overlooked. Combining non-tradit