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Cisco & Cisco Productions : Fashionably Fighting Cancer

Here at Icons In The Now, we love to spotlight people and causes that are doing great things in the community. Cisco & Cisco Productions is one of those organizations that we felt deserved some shine! So, we are publishing some information on them and are encouraging you all to check them out and support! In short, they are a nonprofit, cancer awareness initiative that uses fashion and beauty to create fun and effective means for community service and raising awareness. Some of their ambassadors include, La'Sonya Alexander (CEO of MomsCanDoIt2) and Tami Pinsker!


"Founded in 2010 by Yvonne Hipps-Cisco, Cisco & Cisco Productions brings resources not commonly accessible or known to at-risk communities on breast cancer and health-related issues.
Combining non-traditional events such as theater productions and empowerment activities, Cisco & Cisco Productions, is able to reach communities that otherwise may be overlooked.

Combining non-traditional events with Health Advocacy led to the purchasing of the Pageant state directorships and the development of the CCP Health Ambassador Program. Working with major Cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and grass-roots organizations such as Sister's Embracing Life, the Cisco family continues to produce exciting meaningful events including health fairs, fashion shows, and outreach activities to communities that are underserved."


"To bring information and services to at-risk communities using innovative, fun and creative ways. 
To empower men and women to make healthy choices through the use of grass-roots outreach, inter-generational activities and empowerment programs.To show what men and women can accomplish when faced with common goals. To recognize cancer survivors and caregivers for their efforts, gifts and talents. To celebrate life!" 

Donate Here   Support Page

Follow Them Here @ciscoandciscoproductions

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