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10 Minutes With The One-Girl-Revolution Behind The "Catching Fire" Fresh Faces Project Awards!

On March 1st, 2020, The "Catching Fire" Fresh Faces Project Awards took place honoring over 40 small businesses and talents in the Chicagoland area! She also gave away gift cards in a free raffle for all participants! This was organized and hosted by the 24-year-old entrepreneur, Calynn M. Lawrence, also known as "Supergirl" or her pageant title "Miss World America Nation 2020." She is the Founder of the nonprofit movement, The Fresh Faces Project, and Executive Producer-Creator of the online reality series spotlighting locals, "Chicago Talent." Having been referred to in the press as "a Wonder Woman of her time (Icons In The Now)," "The Queen Midas of Creative Community Service (Humour & Style)," "One of The Greatest Minds In Creative (A Valid Review)," "The Cosmic Fusion Between Billinoiare Diaries and Princess Diaries, destined to change the world (Billionaire's Diary)," "Sweet, Smart, Sultry and Successful, Skin Deep (Fashion Style Diva)" and more, she has no doubt amassed an army of supporters who she credits endlessly for their encouragement. In this interview, you'll read a 10-minute conversation that we had with her regarding the success of the Awards Ceremony, her goals, and a little bit about her personal life!

How do you feel about the success of the event, and how does it compare to what you anticipated? Tell us about some of your favorite parts.

I feel elated and overjoyed to say that it went well! I am so glad that the event did come together nicely and properly honor the award recipients. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed good food, free drinks and tons of fun between the red-carpet photo ops, dancing and the free raffle giveaways! That was my ultimate goal, for everyone to enjoy themselves.

My favorite part was most definitely giving away the awards and the gift cards to the winners of the free raffle! There were so many talented entrepreneurs and artists in attendance that I feel blessed to have even given them a small reward for their work at this ceremony. Many of them got on the mic and had such beautiful things to say about me and my work, how they appreciate me, and it literally moved me to tears in front of everybody. That right there makes all of my hard work, money invested and time spent worth it all. The fact that I know what I do makes a difference to somebody.

How difficult was it to orchestrate such an event? Did you have a team? If so, what were their roles?

I definitely did not do this all on my own! I did self-fund the event for the most part. However, I had help! My sister, her husband and my father donated some of the beverages. My mother (Damuchi Does It) put together the decor and did the catering. My little sister and her best friend took the photos on my digital camera. And, a few of my close friends helped with set up and takedown. I feel so fortunate to have such a great support system! I can't say "thank you" enough.

That's awesome! About your new pageant title, how does it feel to literally wear that crown? What does it mean to you?

Thank you! I feel beyond blessed, honored and inspired by my new title! It's literally a dream come true! I have major plans to dramatically expand my nonprofit work overseas and make a difference, big or small, in EVERY single continent. My platform of advocating for more creative arts education and career training opportunities for the youth will gain major headway during this year! I've worked extremely hard to get to where I am today, stemming all the way back to my childhood, but I plan on working harder than ever in 2020 because there are SO many things that will come to be between my philanthropy, my businesses and career, and my self-improvement.

I mean, I'm not the 'perfect ten, paper-thin, Hollywood illusion type' yet I am Miss World America Nation 2020! I'm a brown-skinned, black woman with curves and insecurities like anybody else. I've lost over 25 pounds (and am still losing another 15), but I'll never be a size 2, honey. And, I am beyond proud and humbled to say that I am able to represent for the girls who look like me! That's huge! I feel that I have made so much progress from where I was 2 years ago mentally, financially, emotionally, the whole 9. That's also thanks to my amazing support system between friends, family, and loved ones. 

That is amazing! What are some goals you have for 2020? Any upcoming projects or new releases that we should keep on the watch for?

Thank you again! I am in the middle of production for Season 3 of "Chicago Talent." I would love to get that done and aired so that I can finally give the fans what they've been asking. The first two seasons we had over 80,000 viewers and a solid 5-star rating from the audience. I'd like to continue that pattern or even exceed it for Season 3. Also, I will be launching my biggest business endeavor yet later on in the year. And, this one will be a for-profit corporation, much different than my charitable "nonprofit" entrepreneurship that I have been so deeply focused on the past 6 years. And, I am SUPER excited about that! Lastly, I would honestly love to fall in love with someone who actually feels the same about me and can offer me the same attention, dedication, commitment, love that I give them. I'm always about striving for achievement, but I feel it's only worth so much if you have no one to share it with. I've been single for almost a year now and I'd love for that to change this year.

If finding love is a serious goal of yours, you must have some contenders! "Supergirl" must have at least a guy or two who's caught her interest when you're the full package. Correct?

I have a couple people who are options, but I am not seriously involved with anyone at the moment. My biggest thing is just making sure whoever reaps the benefits of my love not only appreciates me but deserves me.

Well, whether she's tieing the knot or standing strong in her solitude, Calynn M. Lawrence an iconic woman, well deserving of her nickname "Supergirl!" With many gifts, a heart of gold and beauty inside and out, she is walking every wire and setting the whole world on fire! Watch out universe, Calynn's not the Girl Next Door anymore. She's a One Girl Revolution!

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