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Runway Model & Matriarch: Lena H.


What do you do and why do you do it?

I am the Director of Opportunities for House of Chuck Magazine Inc., owned and founded by the most talented and visionary, Mr. Chuck Pfoutz.  My role is to branch networks, collaborate different firms and teams, and open platform to aspiring talents in the modeling and entertainment industry.  House of Chuck Magazine Inc creates series of stories that is brought to life through commercials and fashion shows featuring incredible artists, designers, models, actors, and photographers.

Being a petite, over-40s, and non-slim runway model in this new diverse fashion industry opened up so many opportunities beyond my day job, enlightening the possibilities, and understanding my capabilities, which captivated dreams of so many and lavishly turned them to reality.  I am a part of these family- oriented and diversified organizations that I am so much grateful for, being accepted and respected for who I am:  

House of Chuck Magazine Inc.

United Together Fashion Show

Fresh Start Talent Academy

Model Icon Inc.

Model Esteem 

During weekdays, I support several food and beverage manufacturing plants that delivers safe, quality, and effective food brands to millions of people globally.  As challenging as it is, our team continue to embark innovation and continuous improvements to provide the best in class quality manufactured products.

How does what you do benefit others?  

The fashion industry has changed in so many ways establishing inclusion and diversified the “model-like” mentality launching opportunities to so many.  Building connections and collaborating with other formed agencies, talents, and business owners provide different platforms to all with so many options to choose from allowing learning experiences that build confidence and techniques keeping respect and positivity in line.

Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now.

Being a late bloomer does not mean missed opportunities, rather it is getting in the last quarter of a game where it matters the most.  I would have not been successful in my professional careers if not for the support I was given by my family, friends, mentors, and my faith in God.  My modeling career embarked professionally in 2019 when I decided to audition for a charity event fashion show that push awareness of its importance and how it saves lives.  I came in to experience something I have never done before given the opportunity but not expecting to be called back because of what I knew the standards were and not passing as “model-like” material.  To my surprise, that audition led me to where I am now and every step of my experiences are appreciated.  Perseverance, patience, Can-do attitude, positivity, and believing in God-led path helped me in this journey.  

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I am hoping, and God-willing to be a part of the international model category and become an established petite and aged print and commercial model.  I also see myself celebrating successes in grand locations with many talented individuals and teams, cheering them on and mentoring aspiring talents. 

Who is your favorite superhero and why? Do you relate to them? 

I do not have a favorite one but perhaps I am drawn by them.  They teach determination, wit, acceptance and inclusion.  I do believe that they give us hope and freedom to dream.

If you could have one superpower to help you further your purpose, what would it be and why? How would you use it? 

I dream of being able to heal.  The power that gives chances and regenerate others to be whole again.  Many loss their ways,  think that they loss their purpose, or forever in pain due to loss of love ones and healing gives them hope.