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Ilka Tamar: Philanthropist and Fashion Model Mogul

What do you do and why do you do it?I'm a model and certified modeling instructor with 20 years of experience. I do what I do because I instruct modeling skills as self-confidence tools to be used for more than just a runway or a magazine cover.
How does what you do benefit others?  I teach how to believe in yourself using modeling as empowerment for a confident lifestyle.
Describe your career journey and how it led you to where you are now and Bio.Bullying is not a thing now. It has always existed; Nowadays social networks have taken it to extreme levels that we have sometimes witnessed fateful events. The psychology of people, fortunately, do not work the same. Ilka Tamar is not unaware of this crisis that tends to be more intense in the teenage years. For episodes like these, Ilka begins at age 16 taking a basic modeling certificate in 1995, she worked as a challenge since she was well introverted and suffered from bullying at school. Ilka began at age 16 taking a basic modeling certificate in 1995, she worked as a challenge since she was well introverted and suffered from bullying at school. The modeling helped him to overcome the insecurity caused by the "abuse", gave him the opportunity to enter fully into the field of arts and beauty. Several of the cértamenes in which it participated were: Miss Latin America and Miss Hispano-America, qualifying in one of the two as the first finalist. Then he ventured into the "High Fashion" which involves Editorials of magazines, European style gateways, and works on TV and radio, which was to his liking and currently continues to do so. Among the different parades he has participated are Puerto Rico High Fashion Week, South Fashion Week, and Fashion Fights Poverty in Washington D.C.
She has Modeling Certifications: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, just as she is certified as Modeling Instructor in the United States. Ilka is currently working on her own blog, called "fashion, beauty and confidence". On the other hand, she continues to teach modeling to girls, young people and adults.
As part of her other diversification, she works in a magazine as "Art Director" and is in the process of preparing for a Fashion event of her own with her "Fashion blog Modish Bold Squad".
The 36-year-old Puerto Rican has the goal of establishing her "fashion blog" as a brand that provides modeling workshops for all types of audiences regardless of age, height or size. "I've always seen modeling as a personal enrichment tool to improve self-esteem and not just as a pretty face or body for a catwalk or magazine."

What are your goals?Eventually, it is visualized creating quality events in Central Florida including all kinds of women without distinction and that their workshops can arrive for free through their non-profit entity. "It's something that I see in development and is in line with my philosophy on how I visualize myself"
What are your inspirations?My inspirations are to inspire girls, teens, and women to gain confidence and reach their maximum potential as I did use modeling as my empowerment ally.
If you could have one superpower to help you further your purpose, what would it be and why? How would you use it? My superpower would be, enter peoples minds so they can understand the potential that I see on them thru my eyes, it would help me a lot so they can see what I see on them the same way.